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We got new chairs in the lab this week - they are gorgeous colours! I took one photo, then all of a sudden the chairs were getting arty and posing for me with the help of colleagues. Well, it is Friday afternoon….

This is exactly what the sink in a lab/demo area should be used for! I’m sorry to be leaving this incredible place, good times have been had :)

Spring is here! It might technically be the end of it nearly but the flowers (or weeds in some cases) are flowering all over the place. Some of my new friends thought to bring some flowers in to brighten up the tea area near the lab - the vase of choice? A flask out of the lab of course :) I know I’m amongst like minded people here. 

So today there was more partying in the lab, this time to welcome the second year students. All the research groups in the buildings held parties in order to welcome them, and they traipsed about to each one. Good times. Tried a chinese sweet wine made from Frangipani flowers which was really yummy. Also of course there was Sapporo beer - yum. Oh, did I mention it’s freezing here? Tomorrow it’s supposed to rain, but i’m determined to go in search of cherry blossoms.

Day 2 in Sapporo - I’ve eaten traditional, drunk traditional, and now I ride like a local too! The seat may be twice (three times?) the size of the one on my road bike back home, and it certainly doesn’t go as fast but it is built for cruising. Had to remind myself on the way home that it is not a race and it’s ok to chill as you ride (I did decide to let myself overtake the young couple who were riding along trying to hold hands…. ).