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Pre-Christmas dinner, a birthday and catch ups before everyone disperses for Christmas. Good times :)

When you’re really hungry, only one thing will do :)

Had the thought that I hadn’t actually had to cook for myself in almost 2 weeks until tonight! There is something soothing about pottering about in the kitchen when you get the chance though

In answer to a question asked this afternoon: yes, cake can be dinner :)

Seagull eyeing off my fish and chip dinner at the beach tonight. It’s alright he didn’t get any :)

Housemate Minky and I made tapas for dinner for some friends. Yum! less mess than expected too which is always a bonus :)

Good memories accompanying my dinner tonight - found the chopsticks I bought in Japan in the draw and thought I better use them (and yep still can!)

A rather pleasant discovery just around the corner - The Burgermeister in Nedlands. Yum and definitely will get a revisit!

Monday night mushroom risotto

Dinner cooked on the back porch, kept warm by the chiminea on a chilly evening. Toasty as :)